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I have invented a new technique in local anaesthesia for

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I have invented a new technique in local anaesthesia for treating wrist fractures. it was published. It will save the NHS thousands of hospitel admissions and work load, so saving the NHS millions every year, and will be used sure all over the world. I want to claim financial reward from the government or from the NHS. Between 3 to 5 million. I need your guidance. Thank you.
M E xxxxxxxx
GMC number(###) ###-####
Thank you for your question.
As a matter of law you can't patent a medical technique, a method of treatment or diagnosis. You can patent a physical invention used to treat a medical condition. However, if it already in the public domain having been published, it would be too late to patent it.
From what you say there is no way that you will now be able to claim any form of financial reward.
I am happy to discuss further if you can give me more information.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am not looking for patent. it is not patentable. in is a new technique that will be used by all hospitals in UK and the whole world.
saving work load and millions of pound every year. You did not give me your name or telephone number. The more information
is that the new technique in local anaesthesia will allow the treatment of most wrist fractures to be treated in accident and emergency departments in all hospitals without the need for hospital admissions, saving the expenses for the patients hospital stay for 2-3 days. I hope this is clear. If you do not deal with this field please refund my money. Many Thanks
Your answer is perfectly clear. However, as I have already said, you can't protect a medical technique as intellectual property. For that reason, and I assume you have no contract with the NHS or any other medical organisation in connection with this, there is no legal obligation to pay you for it.
If you had any particular thing in mind as to why this would be the case, please let me know but I can think of no law which would oblige any medical organisation to pay you.
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