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Good evening in the last week i received a letter

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hello good evening
in the last week i received a letter stating that i owed over 11000 euros for goods and services from 2001 to a company called direkt bank, which i know nothing about. i do not recall ever having any loan with them.
the company which has asked me for the money is cci legal services which told me when i rang them not to contact the direkt bank. i asked for info about the goods and services that i had but they could not give me any info at that time.
the person i spoke to said she would email me more info which i have not received which was 6 days ago.
my impression is it could be a scam could you give me some advice.
i have worked in europe on and off for 16 years.
feel free to ask me any additional info.***** *****
What would you like to know about this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i would like to know if i should go to the police, ignore or try to speak to them again, i have asked for some contract or proof of purchase but heard nothing back.
i am worried they may try to blacken my credit history.
i have seen other stories from the same company trying to do the same to other people which some have had success and a letter of clearance that they owe nothing
***** *****
Are you in the UK?
Also, I notice you have not yet rated a previous answer so I would be grateful if you could do that now.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
have rated
not a great time to have call bit awkward and i am in uk.
was sent to my uk address
No problem.There isn't any point in approaching the police. This is a civil matter.This company will just be debt collectors who have bought the debt from the original creditor. That doesn't make it a scam. Their remit will be to chase to see if anything can be achieved.It seems to me that they cannot show that you have acknowledged the debt in six years so they are time barred anyway. Probably a good idea to stop contacting them in case you acknowledge by default.In addition to that, if you didn't borrow the money then that is clearly a defence.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok just to clear this up i understand that i do not even need to contact them anymore or demand proof of any goods services or contract exist
thanks very much for expertise
That is what I would do.
If you are going to contact them at all then just write back saying that you dispute that you are liable and will not make payment.
if they sue then defend on the basis above but that is not likely.
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