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Assault from previous manager. I was 18 when I started

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Sexual assault from previous manager. I was 18 when I started my job, I taken on as a apprentice. The work assessor who later became my direct department manager subjected myself to around 5 years of varying levels of sexual harassment. This would range from me having to expose myself to have my assessments passed to later on where he would turn up at my home and I would at this point perform oral acts upon him. Unfortunately I wasn't his only target and someone else managed to speak out against his behaviour which resulted in him being sentenced to two years in jail for 9 different chargers (7 of which were to do with me if I remember rightly). I was at the time rewarded with 4k from the courts. I am now 36, I work in a predominantly male environment and this manager is to this day still a reoccurring subject. No one within my team at work know the severity of what happened to me. I do find their conversations very uncomfortable at times. I won't lie and say I can't sleep at night because of what happened but it does affect me on the rare occasion and did result in me taking some bad lifestyle choices in the past. But my main question is would I still be able to claim against my work place for a financial settlement or sorts because of what this man subjected me too? Or is the length of time and previous pay out from the courts going to affect any claim I might make?
I'm afraid that if these events took place 18 years ago then you are out of time to sue. You had six years from the date of any incident. You could try to get time extended but they are getting stricter.Also there isn't the best claim against the workplace unless there is evidence they were complicit. Further they could argue that you have already received compensation and so nothing further is due. Can I claridy anything for you?
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