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I received a series of messages highlighting my daughters dad

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I received a series of messages highlighting my daughters dad has been injecting himself with steroids and the needles are being stored in a wardrobe in the room which my child sleeps . His dad has admitted to finding them in his car. Where do i stand legally with regards ***** ***** safeguarding of my child and her staying there?
Hi, thanks for your question.
How old is your daughter and what are the current arrangements for your daughter to see him?
If you are concerned about your daughter's welfare or the level of care that she is being given, or that she may find the steroids, then you can cease any arrangements you have reached until you are satisfied that your concerns have been addressed.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I really don't think that that was a thorough enough answer to justify £38!
Please provide the information requested so that I can elaborate - How old is your daughter and what are the current arrangements for your daughter to see him?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She is 5 years old. He picks her up from school and she stays there 2 nights a week. He claims that these allegations / happenings were from months ago but wether months ago or next week the concern remains the same. I have today allowed him to take her for lunch and return her after ( not his parents house where these things were alleged) he has gone against my wishes and taken her there any way. I am not satisfied that they have not given me any assurances
Thank you.
If this matter were to be considered by a court, the court will need to see what risks there are towards your daughter whilst she is in his care. It is clear that keeping injections in the wardrobe in the bedroom she uses during her stays with him is concerning and if there is no clarity that this has been addressed then you should stop the overnight stays with him.
However, as you will likely know, the child has a right to have and build a relationship with both parents and it is clear that you have considered this by proposing for contact to take place, although not at the home - which he has not kept to.
I would therefore suggest that you formally write to him informing him that you will not agree to contact to take place overnight or at his parents house (or anywhere else that the injections/steroids are kept) and that if he does not agree to this then you should propose for contact to take place at a contact centre to ensure that your concerns are alleviated.
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