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Non molestation order from 16.10.15 12 days after the order

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non molestation order from 16.10.15 12 days after the order was made my wife call me and send me txt to come and buy milk and top up gas and electicity ?i have visited her 10 times and she initated the meeting and i have a proof of that will that be enough ?when she call police she said that i have come in to the property and swore at her also i do not have the keyon the 2.12.15 she call police that i breach to molestation order will this messages be enough to defend my self in court
Do you have a specific question about this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
am i going to prison ?
Ten breaches of the order plus swearing at her is a serious matter. The court will not be happy that the order has been broken so many times.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no but she call police only one time i was at her place 10 times for her needs like pick up parcels from post office top up gas look after baby so she can clean the house.Also i have her recorded saying she dont need the order plus she email me about 6 times that the order was cancel
Did you check with the court that the order was cancelled? Or the police?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes i did she lied about it otherwise i would not be arrested i was arrested on the 02.12.2015 relist on bail and hearing is on 4.01.16 for a breach and court hearing for non molestation order is on the 8.01.16
The fact that she asked you to visit or do some shopping or emailed you is not a defence to breaching the order. To successfully defend the charge you would have to show that you have a "reasonable excuse" - contacting your wife, even at her invitation, is not a reasonable excuse unfortunately. However, the fact that she initiated the contact is mitigation which would reduce a sentence.
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