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I got bad advice from a solicitor, I took my ex son in law

Customer Question

I got bad advice from a solicitor, I took my ex son in law to court for money I lent to my daughter to buy a house, it was a valuable house now worth £600,000, she met a man and married him, she did not know this man when her house was bought. who sold the house secretly and bought a smaller house of little value in his name, I was not aware of the transaction, he failed to pay the mortgage on time or for the correct amount when my daughter fled the family home the house was going into repossession I paid the arrears. I mistaken took my son in law to court to force the sale of the house and I could retrieve the £100,000 given to my daughter to buy a home, the court said the first time I went to court that I needed a solicitor and dismissed the case, the second time the judge decided I had no contract with my ex son in law and dismissed the case I had to pay the fees for both solicitors, the ex who is an insolvent person, his solicitor charged £1700 for 2 days in court my solicitor was paid £2,400 and has kept documents belonging to my daughter who was not his client he is demanding a further £1, 300 my feeling is as he failed to give proper advice he doesn't deserve this money, I am a disabled pensioner, there was untrue and damaging allegations made about my grandchild allegations of the ex buying her a computer and other damaging allegation none of which were addressed. I gave him paper work which sadly I didn't photocopy, including a document that was sent to the court saying that he would sign the house over to my daughter on the 7/10/2014, in court the ex said he forgot and was believed, this man was very abusive, has many county court judgements is insolvent yet it feels as if he is in the right, he has recently gone to the former marital home that he left 6 years ago told the tenants that he has bought the house and he should get the rent, he alleged that he will pay the mortgage, these tenants believed him and now he receives the rent, my worry will be pay the mortgage as he never paid on time or for the correct amount when he lived there, fortunately the mortgage is in credit as we overpaid he paid no rates, insurance, or utilities or paid for food or clothing, my daughter and her child lived in fear, cold and hungry as she only earned a small wage. He has been promising my daughter for 6 years to sign the house over to her, but fails to do so. My daughter needs his bank statements as she now has a solicitor dealing with the case, to prove that he didn't pay how irresponsible he was dealing with money, drove his car without insurance and made untrue allegations against a minor, are solicitors regulated and if so who by the only thing the solicitor should have said was You have no contract with this person as he was unknown to you when the house was bought.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
HiThank you for your questionMy name is ***** ***** do my best to help you but I need some further information firstMay I ask why your daughter did not just start divorce proceedings and make a claim on the house?Who currently owns and lives in the house?How much is it worth and how much is outstanding on the mortgage?Did the solicitor confirm in writing that you had a chance of success if you took the action against your son in law?