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We had a contract with a company called Capital Hygiene Services

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We had a contract with a company called Capital Hygiene Services Ltd which was brought in 2011 by PHS Group, they did not send out any new contract and we were not aware until they came to renew the hygiene bin. In 2012 we had the first invoice which relates to annual duty of care which I responded to them to say that this is not something we should pay for, we hear no more then on 2013 another one turned up and again we stated this is something we do not pay, in 2014 the same happened, these were not chased by the company. in 2015 we received another and was now chased for payment, I state that this is something that we should not pay, I then email to conmfirm to cancel contract even though he offered if we went into a 5 year contract he would he would make this charge exemp, I then emailed a phil conran at***@******.*** who clearly states ther is no charge that PHS have to pay in relation to duty of care and should not be charging us.
So my question is
1) They are now saying I have to give them 3 months notice which I have no contract with them only the original company which I cannot see a notice period on.
2) Can they inforce the 3 month notice without a new contract signed
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Does the contract with the original company say you have to give 3 months notice?
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