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How easy (or not) to get a court order overturned regarding

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How easy (or not) to get a court order overturned regarding a property? When i got divorced 17 years ago, I agreed to a court order that my ex wife could stay in the property. The order stipulates that if she co-habits or re-marries, the house has to be sold & the profits split 50/50 between her & myself. I did not have to contribute to the mortgage payments, & as my wife was on benefits, the mortgage was changed to an interest only mortgage with the Social Security paying the interest.
As far as i know she is still single & living alone, but my cicumstances have changed & wondered how to go about getting the order revoked so the house can be sold. Current estimates put an equity value of around £150,000 in the property, which would be enough for my ex to buy a smaller property from her share.
Hi, thanks for your question.
Are those the only terms of the order for sale? Do you have children and the order is possibly to be implemented when they reach a certain age? Was the order definitely approved or granted by the court?
In relation to such orders it is usually difficult to have them varied. Usually this would be in the case of fraud or misrepresentation, and not in relation to your change of circumstances.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
Hi, this question remains open. Please rate my response positively if you found it helpful - I will not be credited for answering this question without a positive rating. Thank you!
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