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Madam I asked questions before about a dispute with

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Dear Sir/Madam I asked questions before about a dispute with British Gas. This time I want to know how much per month it would cost for you to keep the line open till it is finished. To be short, I had a combi boiler installed 10/10/2013 for £3950 which covered a free year of looking after my central heating system. The shower then leaked ongoingly and British Gas made several visits to rectify that. They never had ID badges and only the electrician arrived in a marked van, not the others. They did not give me paper work or a check list or an evaluation of performance questionnaire. They came the first time 7 days after installation when I did not know there had been a leak, except for the two workers on the day saying "We have a leak" when I went into the bathroom and said, "Don't go home and leave me with a leak" and they assured me they wouldn't and I believed them. I put all the duvets towels and sheets on the airing cupboard floor and they then soaked up the leak till February 2014 when I had an ernormous leak through the kitchen ceiling and smoke coming out of three sockets in the kitchen and on my ringing the help line, I was told to call my own insurance company and I would have to pay for my own electrician as I was not covered for that. I said I wanted them to come out, which they did and turned off the water and electric. Then they did more or less nothing and 10 days later I had another enormous leak through the ceiling and the ceiling bowed out to the central on the floor of the airfluorescent bulb strip. All the items on the floor of the airing cupboard were wet and mouldy due to the leak which must have been soaked up by them since October installation. I showed these to the manager twice but he ignored me. It is true that on installation of a combi boiler, you need a special valve in the shower (compatible shower). Did British Gas have a Duty of Care under their Code of Conduct to tell me that? The leak was coming from the shower. A combi boiler will raise the water pressure in the pipes and cause added pressure on all joints if you don't have a high pressure valve in the shower. This went on till 2014 with British Gas coming to see me and doing work without my knowledge or consent on all my plumbing and my plumbing was not included in the package. They did not make me aware or give me any paperwork till June 2014 of what they had done. Their worker had inspected the airing cupboard and pipework August 2013 and advised me to have the combi boiler installed in the airing cupboard. In the 2nd leak Feb 2014 the water flowed through into the lounge and shrank the carpet at the door. I have asked for a replacement. British gas bullied me and shouted at me when I would not accept less than what I had in the first place to put the house back to what it was before they started work. They were rough with my plumbing. Then I grew afraid that they were causing more damage and that their level of knowledge and skill was nil. They had sawed out an exclusion valve and most of my copper piping in the airing cupboard without any consultation with me first. I asked for dryers to dry the house out but was ignored. The house was wet and stinking for months and the leak was still ongoing. They kept trying to get me to have a decorator and put up another ceiling (done by them) but they were unwilling to remove the lath and plaster and I was told this should be done. Also I was told not to do that until the leak was sorted out. They had sent people who were not plumbers to work on my plumbing till April 2014 from Oct 2013 I told them to go
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Heading on the letter from BG solicitors Nov 15 and January 16 says WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE as to costs Does this mean that if I ultimately recover any less than £7000 BGsolicitors will make me pay their costs. In which case I cannot now offer £3000 can I?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
(Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Message to Alex W.
Dear Alex please text *********** when you will be making the telephone conversation on Thursday 14/1/16, as I haven't received a call yet, I don't mind evening or daytime. The home number is ***** My mobile is ***********
Yours June Miller
I assume the payments have gone through??
I'f you could remind me Thursday so I can call you please, just in case I forget.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello it's June Miller here can you call me please on ***********
Ok, I will call shortly.