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I have a court order with my Ex Husband which has been for

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I have a court order with my Ex Husband which has been for two years now. I have done nearly everything that is on mine. But my personal number plates i have given to my Ex because he was supposed to of paid me what i paid for them £2,500 but my solicitor said because the Barrister did not put that in the court order i can not do anything about this now. I replied you no i suffer with mental health and because you could not deal with my Ex Husband's solicitor that's why i had a Barrister. Very unfair at this crucial time at the courts for Financial hearing to Joint House. Joint Business. My Ex got 50& of the house and out of that to pay me £18,500 out of his share which was classed had my share in the business. Which my Ex said he would have to go Bankrupt because Fishing Industry is declining My Ex Has lied and its to this Day thrifting, My SELF has lost....12 months Wages from 2012, lost half of 2 ppis totalling £20,000. Lost all my personal belongings due to husband removing and now says it went mouldy,gave my other belonging to charity, my solicitor said because it was not written down for court i can not do anything about it surely that is wrong its my personal belonging but my Ex is playing on this with his solicitor its not on the court order?? My Ex has had 98% of contents out the Matrimonial home removed even before courts and lists was done. My Solicitor did nothing. We Had a 4x4 Land Rover in my name but the business paid the monthly payments in the court order i had to give it back only because i was told it had a Balloon payment to be paid of at the end that was 2012 August 3 weeks before i left it on the drive my ex went and bought a brand new Nissan car. The 4x4 did not have a balloon payment he lied and sold it for around £10,000. At this point he stopped paying the Mortgage and we had to go to court it was repossessed My ex could've used that money to clear of that payment, at the judge his solicitor said the 4x4 can not be taken into Account a balloon payment had to be made...Nothing was challenged my solicitor knew he was lying. We have had no paperwork about this so called balloon payment. The house finally sold before the deadline of us moving out which would of been 28th November 2014. Because all debits had to be paid out it left me very little Money. My Ex husband still runs the business that has not gone into liquid edition, lives a very comfortable life style has shut the shop Mondays Afternoons, has Wednesdays off Employed 2 staff not on the book Apart from his Girlfriend whom is the one he cheated me on with not the first time Hence the Divorce. My Ex Has not given me 12 months Wages, Half of ppis, Half of the sale 4x4 Total £41,600 No Maintains for myself we have no children.I don't work due to ill health plus two knee replacements one gone wrong done twice, replaced thumb joints R/L...DLA. In a council Assisted living Accommodation. Ex Now moved on to another lady whom has acres of land horse her own house very comfortable which that is not in this situation....I have Transferred the number plates to someone els what would the Judge do to me? And if my Ex was silly enough to take me to court of this would the judge understand what i have lost not had. Even to this day my solicitor has asked for the £800 pounds my Ex owes and my ex just ignores it he has not given me anything at all and did from the start SAY THIS TO ME..Number plate Document is the only thing left on my court order...On my ex is my bedside table, Wardrobe, New chest freezer in his possession and still from 2012 not had. Not that i am bothered but bothered over this personal number plate Document. My Solicitor has done nothing in my Favour as you read this i had to pay him £10,000 out of the house sale, but he has not got me one penny rather unfair!!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My E-Mail Adress is***@******.***
Welcome to Just Answer
I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been going through.
I am a Solicitor and will try and assist.
Please may I ask:
- do you have the documents for the personal number plate?
- was it purchased in your name?
- is your husband asking for this now or do you want it from him?
- have you heard anything from the ombudsman yet?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi. Like i said Document is in my name and i do have it.....On my court order that is one of the things I have to hand over. But i have Transferd it to somebody els. My Ex Husband also on his court order still has to give me 3 iteams he has not its been going on since 2012. I want to no what will the judge do to me because i have gave it away and transferd it to them. I am so Angrey because i have had nothing from my Husban Whom is Ex Husban now. My Ex Does not no i hace got rid of the document but when he does he will put me in court over this, because as i put down he has left me in poverty and will not stop. I don't have money for court to stop him.....All i want to no is like i said court order papers is to hand over the Documents.....But i don't have now what can a judge do to me over this, all a bit silly realy my solicitor does not no ethire what i have done, but before i mentioned it he said ex will but me in court and i will be liable for all exes cost, surely the judge will ask why i did not comply and what i told you surely he would understand,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Documents in my name they are Mine!!!! Ombusman no i have not been intouch again what do i do please??? I am Scared
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Mrs Tina Wyton Complaint letter Dated 14/05/2014 4,Gorse Close Droitwich Worcester Wr9 7SG Mobile-07565014771 Dear ***** Houghton I am writing this letter to you because i feel my case has not been properly represented including not being informed of correspondence between Tracy Low and your self. My Husband at the time ( Mr Steven Wyton) Has had total control over every think. 1, Removing item out of the Matrimonial home 2, Selling My Personal Items 3, Empted the loft including my personal items 4, Emptied the garage including my personal items 5, Stole my garage key.Held for 9 Months. 6, Stole my shop key 6a No Wages for 12 months(£5,000) 6b Michelle tuffley Allowed to run my business ( pays £61.10 More than steven?) 7, P.PI X 2 Totaling £20,000 8, Removed £3,000 out of joint Accounts (Lloyds Droitwich) 9, 2 Years of my Wages 10, Mortgage Arrears so far 6 months (£7,000)? 11, H.S.B.C Overdraft £5,400? 12, Landrover ( from liverpool) £2,400)? 13, B.M.W..K1200 ( Both ours) 14, SIGN Written green van Many times i asked for a court order to stop steven. It needs to be done, he will not stop at any think. I was not taken seriously enough over this matter, steven was allowed to strip 85% joint+personal contents 8 months ago. Mr S Wyton had total control. A court order should of been defernatly put in place straight away and made to return items from the joint home. Nothing was done. Also i should not of had a barrister on the 28th march 2014 That was a very important day and he was not very well informed about issues over the last 10 Months. To the point of a fresh list of contents which the Barrister was not aware of. And also your self did not put that in place with Tracy Low. Also my Divorced dissolved and not having a chance with 6 weeks and a day to sort any think out. As my solicitor acting on my behalf your self should of been at the FDR Hearing on the 28th March 2014 clearly knowing it was a very important day for your client. Your words to me was i quote ‘ I can not deal with Tracy Low’ My solicitor also quoted i will be there in the afternoon you did not...This has incurred more cost also resulting to loosing alot of money which was not properly dealt with at the FDR Hearing. Our proposal was not mentioned at all which should of been challenged against steven at the FDR Hearing many times i tried to talk to Ashley about important issues and he was not intrested. All this should of come out of Mr Wyton from his share from the house half P.P.I £10,000+ LLOYDS £3,000.+ My Wages of 12 months, No Maintenance to a standard of living, i mentioned to take steven to court many times i was ignored. I have mentioned in a letter and to your self i’m not happy. Also my instructions to you have not been followed up.Messages for you to phone me not returned so i had to book appointments. You even made it known to my self that Tracy Low you can not deal with her and dont get on it seems clear to me that’s why ashley was put in your place that should not have been done i was clearly told by your self that you would turn up later on that day you did not .Knowing i my self is still ill with Depression and not completely 100% My self. Your self should of been there on that important day with your client. Not the Barrister. I’m not happy. Mrs T Wyton I have done this again to make sure i have put complaint at the of this original letter i sent to you in may 2014.
Thank you for confirming that for me.
Your husband could seek enforcement of the court order in respect of the transfer of the number plate.
As you have sold this, to someone who didn't know about the court order, the the court isn't going to reverse that transaction but the value could be sought from you.
This of course works both ways and if your husband has not complied with the order in respect of 3 items then the amount is really going to depend on the difference.
In respect of the issues you have had with your representation by your solicitor - you might perhaps also want to give consideration to seeking advice in respect of the advice you received from your representation and whether their advice was negligent. There are lots of companies that deal with these sorts of issues. I have copied a link below for you for one such firm but you may also want to try a local firm.
I hope this helps you.
Please do not hesitate to ask if I can clarify anything for you.
Kind Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Even though i paid for the which was £2,500 so i loose out yet again. fridge freezer was £375. Wdrebobe was £280. bedside table pine £85 total. and owes me..£800 still means i would have to pay him £1,000 + his court cost. do you think my ex would take me to court knowing he is faulting on his court order as well...
I hope you manage to finally achieve closure.
Please do not hesitate to ask if I can assist further.
Kindest Regards