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There, I have indefinite leave to enter with expiry date which matc

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hi there, I have indefinite leave to enter with expiry date which matches passport expiry date and It has expired on 31/01/2015, and I have new passport with me, is it mandatory to apply for no time limit as the ILE visa got valid until date and that's why estate agent with whom I am trying to rent property is asking for valid visa. And moreover my husband got dependent visa with me which is expiring on May. Will there will be a problem when he applies for further leave to remain as my ILE visa has valid until date.
1. Dear *****, there will be no problem when your husband applies for a further visa before May when his visa runs out. In cases of ILE the 'validity date' on the visa should match the expiry date on the passport. When the applicant gets a new passport, they can apply to UK Border Agency for a transfer of conditions into their new passport. They do not need to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Similarly, when your husband applies for a new dependent visa, his date of expiry will be another five years or else the date of expiry on your passport whichever is the shorter period.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi there, I know that expiry date of visa is expiry date of passport for ILE but do I have to transfer visa to new passport as visa has valid until date shown . Even estate agent is asking for valid visa because of the valid until date shown on my ILE visa. And it been about ten months since I got my new passport but I haven't applied for transfer of condition. so Is it compulsory or optional to transfer visa to new passport, as site doesn't,t say it clearly. Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You have mentioned that When the applicant gets a new passport, they can apply to UK Border Agency for a transfer of conditions into their new passport So does it mean it is compulsary to apply for transfer of condition as its been 10 months passed since I have new passport with me but havent transfer my visa to new passport.
3. Yes, it is compulsory to apply to transfer the visa to your new passport. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter and exit the UK AS the visa will not be stamped on your current passport.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi there, so will there be a problem if I apply for it now as I have had new passport for past 10 months. And what should I say to estate agent if they dont want to give us rental apartment coz of valid until date confusion. Should I tell them ILE doesn't expire. Thanks
4. No, there won't be a problem applying for the visa to be placed on your current passport, even though there has been a lapse of 10 months. Just do it as soon as possible. Secondly, you should just tell the estate agent that you are transferring it to your new passport and get it done as soon as possible.
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