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Madam Im an unmarried father in a relationship we

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Dear sir/madam
Im an unmarried father in a relationship we don't live together, and we have a two year old son, he lives with his mum, I see him on Tuesdays for two hours at my girlfriends home and then again on Saturdays for about five to six hours and we go out as a family. She works part time Monday to Thursday, and I work full time working nights but now my situation has changed im back on days and more available to be with my son and girlfriend as I am semi retired now. Her work want her to do more hours which she said she can't because she has to look after our son on the Friday and her Grandparents can't as thy look after him Monday to Friday, so I offered to look after him on the Friday, to which she turned and said no as she couldn't trust me to look after him properly. I would like to know if I have any rights to look after him for a few hours on one particular day? I know up till now my girlfriend has done all the caring for our son, but now im in a better position to take on some more responsibilities and help more. Many Thanks
Hi, thanks for your question.
What concerns is she raising regarding you caring for your son.
Your son has a right to a relationship with both parents which includes direct contact. This can usually only be denied by the other parent when there are serious concerns about the level of care provided to the child.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
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