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Tax issuesi am a builder originally my partner set up a

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tax issuesi am a builder originally my partner set up a limited company for me. My partner lived in Derby and i live in Birmingham. our plans was that later in life we would get married and this was our first step doing something together.after about a year of opening the company she developed cancer and is still receiving treatment to present three years on. The company has been open for about four years.
I am not good at administration and would say that really i am no good. I am the builder and she was going to do the management. Over the last three years my partner has had no interest in the business because of the medication she has been on and because of the serious moods that come with having cancer. this meant it was very difficult to talk to her becasue of distance and becasue of the massive mood swings that come with medication.About two years ago because our accounts were always getting late i made myself into the director of the company. Not really knowing what i was doing. My brother helped me whenever i was deeply stuck to do my accounts often late, incurring penalties.
even though we did manage to get the accounts in over the last four years and filed accounts with company house stupidly i never knew that we are also supposed to do tax return. that this was a seperate part of the business. the original tax return in year one went to derby and becasue of the cancer scare it all got lost over the months that we had been worried about my partners health and whether she would survive. this went on for a year. i was still carrying out building work just to survive.nearly four years on i have not paid any tax becasue stupidly i just thought that once i done my accounts they just took it out of the bank. the tax office have now sent me penalties and fines for the last four years. the tax owing was probably 6k and the penalties are just accruing. we probably only have 2k in the bank becasue one of our customers has not paid nearly 15k.i am worried now that the tax office might try to lock me up. i dont have the intelligence or money to fight this customer in court for my money. i need to know what i can do.can they lock me up
i have literally made no money in the last four years because the original plan that my partner would do paperwork and myself the building changed so long ago. my partner has had a masectomy and on final stages of treatment. our relationship is not too good becasue of financial , medical and personal reason. she was originally director for one year of this limited company and since then i have been the director. i am really really worried as to what can happen. I really wish they would just wind me up and i didnt have all this worry around my head but im scared that with fines and everything that i owe over 8k in back taxes. about 1k year 1 2k year 2k year 3 and 1 k to present.its only when HMRC contact me that i realised that i had not paid taxescan someone please advise what the current situation is
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Just to be clear the limited,company owes about £8k In tax?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
over the years i think it was 1k in 2012 2k in 2013 2k in 2014 and 1k in 2015. ove rthe last three months i have late penalties from hmrc for all the individual years that i had not actually paid the corporation tax. i know you going to think how stupid.. but i though once you complied with annual return with companies house then they did everything. i didnt even used to get letters from tax office becasue they used to send to derby and my partner just binned everything because of her own trauma thinking that i was getting all the letters as well.this is why it never came to light earlier until all these fine letters started to arrive a while back
Ok. Do you want to pay off the Arrears?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i dont know what to do
i dont have money for arrears
Do you have a number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes i sent it ***********
When would be good to call?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
as soon as possible