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My boiler gave problems so i looked online and found an advert

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my boiler gave problems so i looked online and found an advert for a company called ace trades who quote as saying we are local and can fix all problems. i had to pay by card £114 for call out plus diagnosis, they said they would get their engineers out within a couple of hours. two guys arrived checked boiler and said the fan was faulty and they would have to order new one for next day, the cost would be £125.00 for fan plus £40 fit.i paid them cash as we are in a cold snap and needed boiler. they came next day and fitted fan and all was working. then after two days fan started making a horrible noise and getting progressively louder as time went on, so could only have boiler on for a couple of hours (we are in a very quiet area and neighbors said to us what is that noise). the engineers left me with a mobile nos when they left so i called it to report fault and no reply, i have called this number every day and left messages again no reply, so i called ace trades to report matter and he has stated it is nothing to do with him as the engineers where sub contract(at no time did ace trades say they would sub contract job) and as i have paid them its not his problem.i was not told they where sub contract, i believed them to be employees of ace trades and paid them for the fan, i cannot contact them ace trades wont help, i cant use boiler for more than 2 hours, i have paid out £279 and am back where i started. i am a pensioner and cant afford this. where do i stand please and thank you for listening Mr k.j.banks and mrs l.a banks
Good afternoon. My name is ***** ***** I am a solicitor based in London. Did any of these workers provide you with any paperwork or receipts?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i have a copy via e mail from ace trades for original call out of £114, i assumed i would get a receipt for the fan cost from ace trades upon completion.
Thank you. And in the e-mail do they mention that the workers will be subcontractors or anything along those lines?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no they did not
It sounds like Ace Trades are simply trying to fob you off. You contacted Ace Trades who sent someone to do the work and you paid Ace Trades £114 for the call out charge. You, therefore, have a contract with Ace Trades and nobody else. It doesn't matter who actually did the work - Ace Trades is liable.