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My sister and I jointly own a house which previously belonged

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My sister and I jointly own a house which previously belonged to my parents, although it doesn't form part of their estate and is not a subject of wills or probate. The title deeds state both signatures are required for purposes of sale! Neither of us live in the property and it is uninhabited at present. We both wish to sell the house but my sister wants do a quick deal with a man who owns a caravan park in the vicinity. My sister is negotiating and offering to sell to this individual behind my back! The house is in a very desirable location with spectacular views and 3 acres of land included. He obviously wants to develop the site and is positively drooling over the prospect of ownership! It has been valued at £410,000k and this man is offering £60,000k less than the market valuations i've received from two reputable estate agents. I would prefer to offer the property to the market for 6 months and realise something of its potential. I woul like to ask, can my sister force me to sell to this person?
Thank you, Linda.
1. Hi, in this situation, where both signatures are necessary for a sale to occur, your sister cannot sell the house to this man behind your back. So you can safely act by putting the house on the market and seek to realise the full value of the house. Your sister cannot force you to sell the house to this person. Instead you should seek to realise the full value of the house and not sell it on the cheap, for £60k less that its market valuation as certified by two agents.
2. I would also advise you to get a solicitor to formally write to your sister and call upon her to assist in an orderly disposal of , the house. For whatever reason, your sister is not seeking the market value of the house. So, I would advise you to formally write to her and tell her you are not willing to sell the house for the price proposed to this person.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** also wishes me to send her my valuations ( she wouldnt attend the appointments) so she can use them for leverage with this man. If he increased his offer could I still go with my preferred option of the open market?
Thanks, Linda.
4. Yes, you can decide who you want to sell to. There is no obligation on you to sell to this person at all.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you!! Best wishes, Linda.