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Thank you answer. Now I live alone with my son. Absolutely

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Thank you for your answer. Now I live alone with my son. Absolutely myself and my partner, we are aware of any criminal injunctions in place.
The child's father has a recording on which my son says that the partner was showing him pictures of girls with clothes and without clothes, but when my son turned his head, my partner no longer showing him pictures. In contrast, in a letter from a lawyer it is that my son turned his head away, and my partner reached over and again attempted to show these inappropriate images.
I also have a recording on which my son says, that they were ''the girls in swimsuit and in clothes''.
The whole situation was, with my partner and my son were sitting on the couch. My partner looked through Facebook, and my child was over him by what he saw everything that was on his phone.
Thank you for your response.
I am still a bit confused - sorry!
is your current partner the father of your child? is he seeing the child?
what was the 14 day letter saying?
what criminal injunction is in place?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No worries. So, my ex-partner (father of my child) is now living with my mother, in her house. My current partner does not live with me and my son, because of this letter. I am sending you pictures letter from a lawyer.
I forgot to mention that the case was notified by my mother to Social Services, but no one have contacted with me yet.
Thank you for this - I have read the letter.
A few more questions:
- Has your son now been retained by his father?
- are you only being allowed the limited supported contact that has been offered?
- has your son always lived with you previously?
- does your new partner have any convictions?
- is any other child protection concerns being issued being raised by the father about you?
- is your new partner living with you?
- when did you separate from the father?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My son returned from holiday yesterday, to whom he was with my family. Before,after the case with photographs, lived with them, but every day I had seen with him. Today I took him to my house, where he will dwell with me.No, I did not agree with this, despite the fact that my mother wanted, I signed a statement in which I waives, that I don't want to live with my son at all.
Yes, my son always lived with me and my family, because we all lived together.No, my partner does not have any convictions.After our separate the child's father tried to keep in touch by approx. A month, after which the city has changed, and we had not had any contact with him for two months. Because my mother did not accept my new partner, decided to contact the father of the child to go back - which was successful. I know he is a good father to our son, but tries to introduce negatively my partner.My partner lived with me, but because of letter from lawyer feared that the child's father can take him if he knew my current partner has contact with his son (which my son really wants).Regards
Thank you for your response.
I am glad to hear that your son is now living with you again.
How often is your son seeing his father now?
who prepared the agreement that you signed? what did this say? it wasnt a court order was it?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
First my mother gave me a letter from a solicitor, and in the same day wrote agreement, of which was that waives the apartment with his son. I not signed it. On the other hand I did not respond to a letter from a lawyer within 14 days, which means that he agreed to with what is contained in a letter ...I would just like to know what we (me and my partner), can we do in order to live together, in accordance with the law. My son really would like us to live all together, he often says that he miss him.Regards
No action that has been taken in this case has been legally binding. The letter from his solicitor is not legally binding and from our discussions tonight I do consider that it is correct that your son has been returned to your care.
If your son wasn't in your care now - then I would be advising you to seek his immediate return to you by calling his solicitor and if this wasn't done then I would be telling you to make an application to the court. Luckily this isnt needed as your son is back with you and this is correct.
Whilst the father does have a duty to protect it does seem to me that he blew the issue somewhat out of proportion.
You did however take the correct action at the time by prioritising your son and asking your partner to leave whilst the police considered the matter.
Moving forward it is my advice to you to contact social services - tell them what has gone on and ask them to assess the situation in respect of your partner returning to your home.
If social services have no concerns then you he should move back and you should write to your ex's solicitors telling them that the police are taking no action and social services have no concerns and so your partner will be moving back in.
If your ex tries to keep your child again - then make an urgent application at court for your childs return.
Please do not hesitate to ask if I can clarify anything for you.
Kind Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm really glad to hear it. Thank you so much for your help. I will call to Social Services on Monday morning. I thought it would not do I do, because my mother told me that in order to "stop" their letter from a lawyer I will have to spend 6-7 thousand pounds, and I will not "win".. I feel much more better now. Thank you so much once again!
Best regards!
Please do let me know how things progress.
Kind Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I need your help once again.
Today visited me a brother of my current partner .In the meantime called my mother, because she wanted to talk with my son, but he did not want to talk to her, because he played with brother of my partner. Earlier, during our conversation, I informed her that he is in my house. My mother replied that the son should go to sleep.
About 9:30 pm she sent me a message: so now brother living with you? I replied: Are you crazy? for what she said: 'no, only at this time what you do with some guy , when Adam (my son), should go to sleep. Do not forget that you have him because we show the best crop, but you abide by the agreement. ''
(Anyway some time ago, when she met 2 brothers of my partner (but it was only 'Hello', because my mother doesn't speak English), she said that they are just looking from faces for a good people. After that (about one month later), when she realized that she doesn't like my partnet, she said: I return everything what I said).
Moments later called me the father/my ex, who said that '' motherf**ker has a f**k off, and Adam has to go to sleep ''. I hung up with him during the conversation, but called me again and said that he will be in 15 minutes after her son, so he have to be ready.
After the interview, I sent him a message:
Me: You can come only with the police, I will not let in to the house.
Ex: You have to prepare Adam, I will pick up him, I will not even entered. You have meetings with him from Monday to Wednesday at 5 hours per day. As you do not do is I will call the police and tell that you abducted the child.
I: call the policeAnd also he wrote that I am irresponsible that allowing home strangers suckers, and that everything is for me more important than son, I don't count with what son is feeling and experiencing. He said I took him just to not have '' f**ked reputation '(sorry, but these words he used). But he is responsible, and although he was at that time next to my house, but come back to his home, only because of Adam.I'm on the verge of nervous exhaustion, because I do not know what to do. Tomorrow I want to contact the Social Services to explain them the situation, because me and son want to make my partner lived with us. But I did not expect that after the visit of his brother, my ex will want to take my child. I try to stay calm, but my family did not accept my relationship. They believe that if my partner is from Romania '' is not a human, he's a liar and a thief ', who must be exterminated. Whenever I tried to explain them that they are wrong, they said that I am also lier and I'm like Romanian. One day (when I arrived to my son and wanted to take him to the store), my mother started yelling at me and turned to son: '' Mommy does not want you because she has a whore in the house. Mom did not take you home, because she must to f**k with someone. Get out bitch '' That's only part of the whole conversation (I have recording).When ex wrote that wants to take son I began to shake, and then son asked me, why I'm shaking. I replied that dad wants to come and take you away.
Son was very angry, and said he did not want to go anywhere.
Tomorrow will certainly come after him and will want to take him. I do not want to expose the son at the sight of the police, be arguments, but I have no idea what to do.Kind Regards
It sounds like you are being bullied by your mother and your ex.
I am also concerned to hear about how your mother has spoken so badly about you in front of your son. This can cause your son emotional harm. If your mother is speaking about you in such a manner when you are present them she could also be doing this in front of your son when you are not present. You have to safeguard your son from this.
It sounds to me like your mother and your ex are trying to control your life. I think you also need help from domestic violence services in respect of how they are treating you . Call this company and ask for help:
Please do call social services tomorrow and find out their position on your current partner. Do also tell them about the behaviour you are suffering from your mother and your ex. Tell them that your son has witnessed this and you are concerned about his emotional wellbeing. Get them to investigate whether or not it is safe for your son to be seeing your ex and your mother.
If your mother or your ex try and retain your son - make an urgent application at court seeking his return,
Do not worry. Stay strong!!
Kind regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My mother is the type of man who exceptionally controls. And my ex does it all, because he knows that behind him is my mother. Anyway, I'll do as you wrote. And I'll try to stay strong.
Thank you once again!
I am happy to have helped you :)
You need to make sure social services are aware how bad things are for you with your mother and your ex.
Please do also seek support for yourself from a domestic violence service - this will help you stay strong.
Keep me updated.
Kind Regards