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This may seem trivial February 2015 I paid

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Hello. This may seem trivial February 2015 I paid for a new wooden fence to be erected at my house. The house is let and managed by a letting company. They told me recently that part of the new fence had come down but, when I reminded them it was relatively new, they saaid they were "no longer working with the original contractor" and so "couldn't contact them about any repair". I replied saying that as the work was done less than a year ago surely there should be a warranty and the contractor should repair the damaged part. The agent has replied again saying they cannot contact the original contractor and would I like a quote to repair the damage?! My question is, can I insist they speak with the original contractor (who is still trading). Thank you.
My name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. The fact that one year has passed is immaterial. If the fence came down because of bad workmanship you are within your rights to ask the contractor to repair it or give you a refund. You can make a claim within 6 years. It's unreasonable to expect a fence to stay up for more than one year. However, if the fence came down because of some other factor e.g. bad weather, the original contractor is unlikely to be liable. They can't be held liable for bad weather conditions obviously. The managing agent should either contact the contractor to get bad workmanship repaired or give you the details. The fact that they don't work with the company is neither here nor there. Alice
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Alice and thank you. I'm just not sure how I could prove bad workmanship (which is what my tenant thinks it is). But that's not something you can answer for me I realise! It's just frustrating.
Not problem. I apologise for the typo above which should read * it's not unreasonable to expect a fence to stay up for more than a year.