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Motoring Offences, I have been ordered to appear in court and

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Motoring Offences, I have been ordered to appear in court and are not sure how to proceed. During last year we were commuting to a contract in Coventry on the M6 motorway on a daily bases for some months, there where 3 drivers sharing the driving on a random basis morning and evening. The vehicle photographed at 68 mph in a reduced are that had been reduced from 70 mph to 60 mph the vehicle was usually on cruise control hence the 68 mph just under the speed limit. As the vehicle is owned by myself I was ordered to identify the driver. I had no idea who the driver was so I wrote to the police informing them of my problem I later received a last warning giving me 7 days to inform them, then three days later received a letter informing me that it was basically my problem and giving me 14 days to reply on consideration I conceded that I should have kept a log of the daily drivers so pleaded guilty to the speeding offence naming my self as the driver nothing happened for some months I then received a court summons for failing to identify the driver and the speeding offence it appliers they did not receive my plea what is my best plea to both charges I have had a clean license for 33 years and no criminal charges what so ever
My name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you.I just need a little more information form you.When you say you pleaded guilty to speeding do you mean you received a court summons and returned the plea form stating you are guilty?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No the guilty plea was to the police not the courts
That's not a guilty plea unfortunately.
Can I suggest a telephone call so it's easier and quicker for you?
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