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Is there actually a Statute of Limitation? Or is this common

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Is there actually a Statute of Limitation? Or is this common lwa made up by judges? How is it that some wrongs, such as sinking of the Belgrano can not be righted after 7 years whereas a picture looted by the Nazis can be recovered after 70 years. Some say 'property always takes precedence over people'
I want to pursue the Directors of Northern Rock who, as coop officials, conspired to induce the membership to privatise NR with themselves as Directors with a sizeable chunk of shares and quadrupling their salaries. Such a move in New York under Elliott Spritzer could have got them up to 10 years in jail for fraud/ conspiracy,
And (2) when I was seriously ill and hardly compos mentis (bipolar disorder since at least 2000) I was persuaded by my stockbroker at Hoodless Brennan to go with him independently on condition that any CfD trades he did for me was on a stop loss basis, ie a max loss of 5%. In the event I was really sick and lying in bed; he phoned me to take a big posit5ion on Xtrata;Check this) next day it flopped disastrously costing me I think over £100 k. He had forgotten to put on the stop loss! The guy is so incompetent that I felt a bit sorry for him He had already been penalised by the Regulator. Last year he sent me a Chjristmas card!! I'd like to give some money to Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture. A worthy cause if ever there was one.
Sorry this is a bit long. Am I really out of time or coukld we go to a sympathetic judge and get taken on at his discretion?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Are you in the Uk?
Hi. I can do a phone call but it would be to your benefit to find out whether I can help or not before you incur the expense.
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I'm receiving you now.
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