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I have a flat that I leased to Hyde Housing on September 14th

Customer Question

I have a flat that I leased to Hyde Housing on September 14th 2013 for two years ending on September 14th 2015 when the flat should have been handed back. The rent was £700.00 per month. Hyde put in their own tenant
I was not allowed to have keys to the flat and got access only when a water leak had to be repaired. I entered with a Plumber and a representative from Hyde in early February 2015; We found the flat to be in a very damp state with rubbish strewn everywhere, dirty empty food cartons, beds upturned clothes everywhere broken window panes. sink piled high with dirty stinking crockery and dishes and evidence of vermin The sight of it made me very depressed.
Hyde were taken over by Notting Hill Housing in June 2015 with the same Hyde Representative
I asked him to remove that tenant and get in a new tenant or hand back the flat, nothing happened.
The flat was not handed back until January 7th 2016.
I contacted Denham International at that time who offered me £910 00 per month'
Can I claim the rent difference of £210.00 for October November December January a total of £840 00. N. H. H. say they will not pay.
Denhan International now have it for £910.00 per month
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** j will help you.
I don't quite understand - you want to black claim £210 per month? This is because you were not handed it back on time?