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My neighbour's dog (he told us when we enquired about the dog

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My neighbour's dog (he told us when we enquired about the dog that it was his daughter and it would be a permanent feature as she lives with him now) is barking at least one hour every day (I work and it's when I return home that he barks when left on its own. I imagine it goes on all day, but neither my husband or I are here to witness it).
My husband and I have decided to sell the house (decision unrelated to the barking), but we're now at a loss on whether we should involve the council due to the noise, or leave it out. We don't know what the new owners will think of the noise, and while we don't want to point it out, we don't want them suing us down the line. We have discussed the matter with the neighbour, and he's now put the dog in the back of the house, which is now fine for us (since we live mainly at the front of the house -this is a terraced house). It's winter, and comes summer time, we will likely live in both the front and back of house (by then, we'll probably have moved). Do you think we should report the neighbour to the council? Do nothing? Warn the new house owner there is noise? We fear this situation puts us (rather than the culprit next door!) in a difficult position as it may affect the selling price of the house.
Hello,I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
This lnk takes you t th eproperty informatin form s=fro sellers pf property.. file:///home/chronos/u-a43931b06194b79f8d13d6e587b4c7f33d2fa321/Downloads/TA6%20specimen%20FINAL.pdf
This is probably the form you will complete during your sale. Question 2 is the one that matters here.
If you report the neighbour to the council you will definitely have to put it here. If you have just had a chat about the dog in a friendly neighbourly way you might think you don't need to.
You are not in a dificult position at all. Make an issue out of this and you may lose a sale or lose money. I don't see why you need to report this barking dog to anyone. It happens all over the place and it there is no dispute or potential dispute why mention it? You don't even know if it barks through out the day!
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