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The walls in 2 of my bedrooms are lath and plaster about 50

Customer Question

The walls in 2 of my bedrooms are lath and plaster about 50 years old and crumbling off the walls, i live in a housing association property and when I emailed my housing officer and informed her the walls were crumbling, she emailed back, that decoration was tenants responsibility and walls were theres, if I stripped the walls and they presented themselves with a problem, to contact the repairs team. I did so and then called them and they sent a surveyor round who inspected the walls,he said the walls were "blown" they needed stripping back and replastering he said he doesn't think he's manager would want to do it, if they did do it, then we would get someone to come round and quote and they will just go with the cheapest I said that was fine. The next day he calls me and says he has bad news, his manager has said he Will not do it as it was my fault because I shouldn't have stripped the walls as they was fine before. I then made a complaint and they said they would look into it a week down the line they asked me to send in photos I sent the photos of the wall and the same day they send me an email and tell me it was my fault because when I stripped the walls this caused them to blow. I have now sent them a video of me knocking on the walls ( the different sounds this makes, proves the walls are blown) in the other room, where the wallpaper is still present to prove that these walls are also blown and I HAVNT even touched them yet. They thought I had stripped this room to because when the surveyor was here he told me to go ahead and strip the 2nd room!! But I hadn't got round to it. Can you tell me where I stand legally on this? If I pay for it myself, can I sue them to get the money back. In the tenants handbook it clearly states that they are responsible for the repair of the walls. I believe that they know I never caused this damage, but because it is such a big horrible expensive job, they do not want to do it, so are shirking from their responsibilities. This is wrong. I have contacted my MP who said that she would write to them on my behalf.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Did the surveyor produce a report and if so, did you get a copy?