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BACKGROUND:I am a English Male age 77. A permanent UK resident:

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I am a English Male age 77. A permanent UK resident: Retired, cohabiting with my Kenyan National, female age 31. (Healthcare, BSC Manager, 10 years) partner 6 months. We intend to visit England for the whole of May 2016. Partner applying for tourist visa. Will both return and continue our relationship. After a reasonable time we intend to apply for a U.K. engagement visa in the hope we fulfill the criteria required, to allow our U.K.marriage.
MY concern at this time is the 'Age differences'.
Is there any 'age gap' restriction; meaning I (We) would be wasting our time
applying for a British'Engagement Visa'.
1. I am glad to say that there is no discrimination allowed in Uk visa law based on the age gap or number of years in age between partners who intend to get married. So the fact you are 77 and your future bride is 31, this is not grounds to refuse you a British engagement visa. The law does not look at the age difference between partners when deciding whether to issue an engagement visa. So long as the marriage is genuine, there are no other grounds for refusal. Accordingly, once you intend to marry and can show a date and marriage venue arranged, then you will be granted a British Engagement visa to come to the UK to get married.
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