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My step mum died leaving a will. She left me and my sister

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My step mum died leaving a will.
She left me and my sister (we are her two step daughters) a sum of money then the rest to her own two daughters well 70% of what was left.
She then left 30% to (and this is what it says in the will) I leave 30% to my grandchildren.
my question is would that include any step grandchildren? or does that have to be specified?
My sister and I both have a son each so two step grandchildren and I just wanted some clarification. She also sent them cards from Grandma and they called her grandma even though she wasn't blood grandma my father was married to her for 25 years and died 11 years ago. We did ask if they were getting any inheritance but were told no, but because the relationship between us and her two biological daughters is very aggressive I wondered if they never thought about our children being her grandchildren so didn't mention it to the probate solicitor because she called them "my grandchildren" not specified names.
so I just wanted to be clear on that.
1. I regret to say that if your step mum's will states "my grandchildren" this does not include step-grandchildren. Both step children and step grandchildren would have to be adopted by the person making the will in order for them to fall within a reference to my children or my grandchildren. the rule in England & Wales is that it is only children of the blood line that fall to inherit in the event of a will specifying children or grandchildren. The same applies if there is an intestacy. Accordingly, even though your step mum didn't specify names, this does not include her step grandchildren so they will not inherit I regret to say.
2. Be aware that a step grandchild would have to show they were financially dependent upon a step grandmum in order to be able to apply to court to have the terms of the will changed in their favour. Please Rate the Answer, Julie, as unless you Rate the Answer your Expert does not receive payment for answering your Question.
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