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This is drug possession related. I recently had the police

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This is drug possession related.
I recently had the police at the door wanting to do a drug search of my property and car. I obviously let them in as I had no reason not too. They ended up finding 500 ecstasy tablets concealed in my car.
Now obviously someone had planted these drugs. (They didn't have a warrant to search so I'd be stupid to let them search knowing these were there.)
My problem now is, what the hell do I do?
They can test me for drugs etc to prove I don't take them but does this mean I'm going to to go prison as how else can I prove it wasn't me?
They can check my bank statements for payments etc too to show there's no "drug money" so I've got that on my side.
In these situations, is it a case of tough luck, you're in possession and would I expect to go to prison?
I've got no criminal record, no previous run in's with the police etc at all. My first thought was who's had access to the car but I work for a local community service so literally 100's of people have access and are around the car each month.
What can I do?
Hello, do you have any idea who may have planted them?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There has been some issues with an ex-friend but nothing major. I don't see why they'd go to THAT extreme. They have access to the vehicle but so do 100's of other people as it's used for camping trips etc.
Why did they stop your vehicle?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
They didn't stop the vehicle. The vehicle was at my home when they asked if they could search the property. I gave permission to search the car too.
Ok. But why was attention brought to you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The police came to the property stating they had reason to believe there were drugs on the property due to someone reporting intelligence/knowledge of this and asked if they could do a search. I obliged.
Ok. That was probably the person who planted then.
If convicted then custody is likely. This is a large amount of class A drugs. Custody is inevitable.
I would concentrate on being acquitted.
In fairness, if they only have the volume of drugs then that isn't the best evidence. If they haven’t found any other dealing paraphernalia or large amounts of cash then they do have a hole in their evidence.
If your defence is that you did not place these items there then you will have to fight it on that basis.
You will probably need to gather evidence that others have access to your car. The problem with the issue of plant is that the question always burns of why anybody would want to do that? These are valuable drugs. Why would a person leave them in your car. One reason might be that they just genuinely forget or that they had a sinister interest in fitting you up but usually people who do that are well known to the person they accuse.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'll tip extra for a bit more information.They're obviously going to find no evidence of drug dealing etc as that didn't happen.If they can't find any person to link to planting the drugs, what is the most likely outcome? Some sort of "possesion" charge.I'm guessing some time in jail for that?
I would expect they would charge this as PWITs given the amount.
They might not get a conviction but that would be their charge.
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