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I had a chimney liner installed in my tenanted property in

Customer Question

I had a chimney liner installed in my tenanted property in December 2014 and paid the cost of£4,500 in January 2015. The tenants had problems with severe smoking and stopped using the fire. In November this year they informed me of the problem and I notified the installer immediately.Approximately one month later unqualified person was sent out to inspect the chimney and eventually, after much requesting, I received a short report stating that it was poorly installed. I requested a second opinion from a HETAS installer who said the installation was dangerous and a vent should have been installed. The inspector said that Such an installation should not be installed without a vent. Following this information I met the Boss of the firm at the house who agreed that it was a very poor installation and agreed to 'put the job right'. He told me that he did not know who the men were who did the work or why it was done badly and why the usual procedures were not undertaken. In fact he seemed not to have bothered about the details of the work apart from telling me that I had declined to have a vent installed. This is untrue. I believed that a vent was to be installed but when the invoice arrived it stated that agent was not required. Since that meeting he sent an email stating that the two men who did the job had since left his employment but that one of them was insistent that I had declined the vent. I was not at the house when the work was done and my tenant did not say this to him. The tenant told me that at least four people were at the house working.I contacted HETAS and sent photographs to them. A HETAS engineer was sent to inspect the job who forwarded an extensive report including that it was a dangerous installation and there were non-compliance installation procedures. I was informed that the men were not qualified installers according to HETAS regulations.Hetas informed me that the had requested that the work be corrected safely and efficiently. However, they stated that they would not be sending any one to in inspect the completed work to ensure it is safe; this despite the fact that they informed me that they could not give an initial opinion regarding the chimney althoughI had sent photographs. They said they would rely on photographs from the installer. I am very worried about the safety of the finished job particularly as I have a duty of care to my tenant.The installer has offered £200 in compensation but in view of the trouble already occurred, further inconvenience involved and the fact that I have paid out not inconsiderable money for the job I feel I should be given considerably more. I have much more information about the work and I would be grateful for your opinion.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What losses have you suffered and can they be quantified please? How much are you seeking?