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My 15 yr old birth son A has been clubbing together with his

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My 15 yr old birth son A has been clubbing together with his mates and buying small amounts of marijuana 1-4g from another friend of the same age G who is getting it from an older brother. I have texts on my sons phone from G advertising his wares, arranging deals and drop offs, but also texts from my son to his mates saying how much they all owe etc. I guess this makes my son a dealer too?. They smoked the marijuana in my house without my knowledge and stored it here too. I have a foster daughter and feel certain that if social services got wind of this she will be removed from my home where she has been making excellent progress. I feel unable therefore to go to the police of school for fear of social services involvement. I would very much like the police to raid G's home as his older brother is supplying other children too, but not if it implicates my son. What is the legal position please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Also, although I want to destroy the drugs should I hang onto them as evidence as the bags may have finger prints?
On no account report this to the police. If your son has been dealing as well then it will blow up in your face. Possession is one thing. Selling is another. That is not to say that you cannot lay the law down with your son but the police will act against him. Destroy the drugs urgently. Can I clarify anything for you? Jo
It is quite unlikely a self sealing bag will have prints. It may have sweat upon it but they are not going to analyse it for sweat.
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