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I have an account with Standard Chartered UAE where I used

Customer Question

I have an account with Standard Chartered UAE where I used to live. The bank has blocked my account since December 14, 2015. I have been calling the bank (long distance) to try to find out why the bank has done this. The only response I get from their phone bankers ( my only contact) is that I have to visit the bank to know why my account has been blocked. I had also received a letter (see below). Although promising the matter will be resolved in 30 days ( i.e. 14 January, 2016), until today 15 February, 2016 nothing is resolved. My call today again has not changed anything.
In my account there is a credit balance of approx AED 9,824.37 ( approx: £ 1,840) . I also have a credit card debit balance of approx AED 3,500.00 ( £ 650). The bank has a direct debit instructions to pay the minimum required. However, because they have blocked my current account they are not in executing the direct debit instructions and instead are charging me for late payment! They also keep calling me for payment of the "overdue" credit card charges. I respond by telling them to execute the direct payment instructions.
Clearly I cannot waste more than 15 hours of travelling plus a cost exceeding my bank balance with the bank just to find out what the bank must tell me anyway in an official letter.
I am unable to know whom in the bank to address. An online complaint I filed remains unanswered despite the online promise of a response in 24 hours.
Their head office website has no contact to whom I can refer this type of complaint. I am left with a blockage of my account while a interest charge on my credit card every month.
Could you please advise how I should resolve this.
Thank you
Munir Daar
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Letter from the bank refered to in my note.
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 2 years ago.
Hello Munir,Sorry to hear about your issues with the bank, it has been an ongoing situation since 2014 as you will see from this story here If you have not done so already, I would advise you to complain by sending an email to***@******.*** as well as filing an online complaint with the UAE Central Bank which you can do here the central bank regulates the bank in UAE and should be able to assist. all the best