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Bt as messed up my life. I deal with BT in my place of work

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Bt as messed up my life. I deal with BT in my place of work on behalf of my boss one day they call me and offered me a business line at my residence as it offers other features I thought it was just a type of line and had no reason to think they would then put my residential line which I had for many years in my boss name and with his business name on it 2, I'm a single mother working part time and get a bit of working tax credits, because of BT a full investigation is takingn g place by HMRC as they think I have a man and a business, I had to request new bills to be made up in my name they didn't want to do it as they said the person that offered me the business line would have told me of the change of the name on the bill I insisted that I would have never agreed to this as this is my residence and the bill always been in my name as I am the only adult in this house, they then said they have to investigate the case and that this would take 10 days and if it was true they would then issue the bills from April to November (as requested by HMR) and that this would take a further 10 days meanwhile I kept calling to make sure they doing what they suppose to a few on customer representative in particular even was rude to me as I kept emphasising that HMRC was going to stop my work tax credits for BT to make sure the bills were getting printed in my name I also requested to be put back on residential line has they have messed up so much they did change the line to residential but despite all the promises the bills did not arrived I called in and spoke to Margaret McGovernwho on the 5th Feb 16 who told me there was no bills being printed at this point I was sobbing my eyes out just than she said she would look in to it she then call me and said she would email my bills to me but that I needed to call residential for the bill copies for when I was still with residential complete mess they then said this bills had to be posted couldn't be e-mailed I suffer from depression which I fight fiercely on a daily basis and this issue with BT almost tipped me over the edge I have never in my life experiences such inconvenience from such a big supposedly reputable company no one there listens to customers and no one knows what they are doing and every time I called in I had to explain all of it again and again as a few times I was given a name to speak to regarding this issue when I
Called back in no one knew this people I was requesting to weak to APPALLING service ( I have called BT over 20 times for the past few months had sleepless nights and been reduced to tears because of the incompetent staff and the way BT operates I now wish to leave BT as I don't trust them I am traumatized they caused e so much grief and do not want to give them m y hard earned money I am bound to a contract what can I do to get rid of them and launch a full complaint.
Kind Regards Eunice ***** *******
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.What is it yo want to achieve please?Alex
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I forgot to say BT also produced me with a 459.06 bill don't know why on top of all they ha e done I want this bill canceled and want to terminate my service with BT as stated on my previous message. Thanks