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In 2013 I joined a company and apparently (I found out

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In 2013 I joined a company and apparently (I found out later) my new manager felt threatened by my position due to comments made about me at interview stage by 2 Directors. (They said I was management material).
For 6 months he was sometimes verbally abusive, he gave me unreasonable tasks, completely unhelpful when I asked for assistance. He left the company in 2015. My current manager said he "set me up to fail". My probation was extended due to not having sufficient knowledge etc. After 6 months I resigned as I was so unhappy but the MD changed my mind when I was saying goodbye.
I have just raised a grievance (the delay was I have seen how new engineers have been treated and compared to me they have been really looked after). In the grievance the MD who was this manager's direct line has said nothing can be done and nothing will change as this manager has left the company.
It seems a real cop-out to me. Is he right?
Thanks, Mike.
Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What are you actually hoping to achieve in the circumstances?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
EyHi Ben
I feel quite aggreived and expect them to make it up to me. I don't think they intend to but I feel they should.
I don't know really what I want but I need some form of a result.
Thank you. The employer is more or less right I’m afraid. This was a case of potential bullying – someone picking on you and using their power and position to make things difficult for you. It is an individual’s actions against another individual. If there are such issues in the workplace then the perpetrator would usually be dealt via the disciplinary process. They could be issued with a warning or even dismissed, depending on the seriousness of the allegations. Any accomplices could be dealt with in the same manner. However, if this was as a result of the actions of one person, who has since left, then there is little the employer can do now. They cannot discipline them any more as they no longer work for them. If there was an abuse of weak policies then the employer could look at changing these but I do not see that being the case here. Maybe if they do not have a clear bullying policy and you were unaware if your rights in that respect you can ask them to ensure that such a policy is put in place to avoid such issues in the future and empower employees to seek help at the early stages. Apart from that, there is little else that can be done. You will not be compensated for this or given any benefits in the company. I mean, they can do if they wanted to, but no one can force them to so from a legal perspective there is not much that you can get out of a grievance at this stage – this is something which really should have been dealt with at the time when it occurred. I'm sorry if this is not necessarily the answer you were hoping for, however I do have a duty to be honest and explain the law as it actually stands. This does mean delivering bad news from time to time. I hope you understand and would be happy to provide any further clarification if needed. If you are still satisfied with the level of service you have received I would be grateful if you could please take a second to leave a positive rating by selecting 3, 4 or 5 starts at the top of the page. Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Ben
Thank you for being honest. I needed someone in your position to tell me so I can put it to bed either way. This has helped me to move on.
Many thanks.
You are welcome, all the best
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