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I am a small business owner. In October 2015, I

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Hi, I am a small business owner. In October 2015, I approached my neighbour to see if he would be interested in moving into another unit on our site and I take over his unit. I informed him I was looking at launching a new business at the engining of January. After a few weeks of him going to the new unit, he agreed with me and the landlord that he would move. He is a stone mason the unit is 60 square meters. This agreement was set out in good faith.I agreed that I would pay for the labour costs to move his stuff out of the unit to the other unit across the card park, he agreed he would move out in November and it would take a few days.November came and went, feeling a little apprehensive I approached him and stresses how important it was that I could do my fit out before the being of january and I needed two to three weeks to do this. He kept on fobbing me off and wouldn't agree a set date.....
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
At the beginning of December, I was now saying up weather it was worth taking on the new unit, I approached him about dates, he told me January it would be ready. I made it clear I own a gym, my buiness needs to be launched by then, december is a quietest month and I needed it to be ready to go on 5th January. It was beginning of December, I made it clear I needed the unit by 20th December. He said he would try. I made it clear that I needed the unit by 20th December (he offered this date) and if that was not possible then he did not need to move he can stay where he is. Refudsed to put this in writing but said he would try.I trusted him in good faith.Tuesday 15th December, no work had started so I went over to his other unit to see what was going on as our agreement is it would be clear by 20th December, he informed me they would start moving stuff shortly and told me the two guys putting in the new flooring and mezzanine in the new unit has so far worked 8 days at £175 + £145 a day. I was a bit bemused and asked him what that had to do with me. He said you are paying for it. I said no thats not what we agreed. He said yes I needed to put a mezzanine in there and you are paying for it!This was extremely uncomfortable, he told me the bill was already at £4000 and they had just started, they would take another week, plus the labour to move the stuff from one side to another. I couldn't actually believe my ears.I was utterly shocked at this. I told him we did not agree this, I have no control over the costs and that it was already above and beyond what I could afford, he said the final fee will be around £8000, I nearly chocked. I said it wasn't what we agreed, I said I didn't give you a blank check and you do whatever you want, we only agreed labour to move your stuff from one unit to another. At a reasonable cost. He became aggressive, said the job had started and could not be stopped (the only thing that had started is a floor been put on a mezzanine, nothing had been moved). He told me I could pay it monthly, I said no this isn't what we agreed. He was being very high rate in front of 4 of his staff, I felt bad as I asked him to move in the first place but I felt like he was taking advantage of me.On the 20th December, I approached the unit I wanted to take over and it was empty but had a small mezzanine and some stud partitions up. I was unable to find the owner and the guy in there told me it would be clear that evening or the next day.the next day there were still workmen in there.The landlord did not get back the keys until 5th January.On the 8th January he approached me with a bill for £7800, a total of 69 days of labour, ranging from £78 - 175 per day per person. I told him I didn't agree with the bill, he said it needs to be paid.Him and people he work with have come into my unit daily harassing my staff of where my where abouts.I challenged him on the invoice he gave me i wanted exact dates of people that worked as I could not five out why it had taken so long and cost so much to move out.£5725 to put a floor down on a mezzanine that is 25ft long and 22 ft wide and infall a basic wooden staircase£3799.59 for labourer fees to move stuff from one unit to another£566 of labour being charged on dates after the unit was cleared out (unit was empty on 23rd but keys were not handed over)I have refused to pay the invoice stating:1. we had a agreed in october you would move out in december so I could launch my business and I made it clear that the latest I could take on the unit was 20th December, outlast conversation on this was begging of december before work started
2. i never agreed to fit out his new unit - I had no control or inclination of these costs until the work had started
3. after I was made aware that was what he was expecting I told him I did not agree to this and could not afford such costs at £4000
4. I dispute that the work was done in a time effective manner and that I have been charged for labour on days when it did not happen.He is now telling me I have 7 days
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He is now telling me I have 7 days to pay £9524.59 or he will enforce debt collectors.I have also written to him asking him to stop hassling my staff. He is constantly telling them if I don't pay he will send in debt collectors, he will come and make a scene in front of my customers and that he knows where I live he will visit my house.Please help.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help youIs there anything in writing that you would pay these sums or anything other than moving costs?
Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No there is nothing in writing, if there was I would of agreed to it but I didn't. He is trying to take advantage of me and also harassing my staff and threatening to send in debt collectors ect.My sister has advised me to get a lawyer to write to him re the harrasment and the bill. My family right now are more concerned about the harrasment.
Do you have a number to chat on?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes ***********
Calling shortly.Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If you can let me know a suitable time I will make myself free.Thank you
Thanks for the chat, I hope it helped.Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your time.
Happy to help!