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I am a grandfather of a 2 yr old girl. daughter and

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i am a grandfather of a 2 yr old girl. daughter and the father set up home 4months before the birth.
2. when the child was born after only 5 weeks he left the family home.
3. he pays the legal min allowance for the child.
4. does get access at weekends but can cancel at very short notice. daughter wants to relocate to another part of uk.
6. new partner, new job less hours more money, quiet village life and near coast
7. the father now wants shared custody 3 days/4days.
8,can the family court stop relocation.
9.he comes from a very very well off family and he has brought this case before the courts, his mother is a JP and family have how can i say it connections.
11.the father is known for taking recreational drugs ketamine,cocaine although he denies this.
12. can my daughter request blood , hair tests for these substances.
13. his name is ***** ***** birth cert
Hi, thank you for your question. As the father is named on the birth certificate he has parental responsibility and would need to be consulted regarding any relocation. If he opposes this and it appears that the mother still wishes to proceed with relocation then he can apply to court for a prohibited steps order to stop this and for a specific issue order for the court to decide whether this is in the child's best interest. He can also apply for a child arrangement order for the child to live with him. All these applications can be done on one form, a C100, and a £215 to the child's local family court. The court can make a direction for drug testing if it is concerned that he misuses drugs and if this is confirmed it is likely that it will impact any application he makes. Please provide a positive rating if you found this information helpful. I will not be credited with answering this question without a positive rating. Thank you
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