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Dear Sirs, I have tried to cancel 2 season tickets

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Dear Sirs,
I have tried to cancel 2 season tickets for season 21016/17 with a premier league football club (email sent to them on 12 February), I am currently mid way through my second year with this season ticket and this was the date of the first notice I have received of the up coming years direct debit payments.
However I have been told that because I have a "multi year price guarantee direct debit payment Plan" I am too late I should have cancelled it before 31st January.
I have replied to this on 15th February, as I do not recall signing any such agreement and have asked them for a copy or proof of this signed agreement. Stating that I would not have signed up to this if I had known initially.
They have just replied today stating that "the applications are now stored in a secure area that can't be accessed" and why did I not question the fact that I was automatically renewed last season (I've never had a season ticket before so did not know how they are renewed). They also state "when you purchased the tickets you had a hard copy of the terms and conditions" and they are "afraid that it is your responsibility to ensure that you cancelled in time."
Surely it is their legal responsibility to prove that I have signed up to this and not mine to prove I have not and these contracts should be freely available?
Am I legally obliged to accept their stance and pay for the new seasons tickets?
Kind regards,
Barry Grice
If this went to court they would have to prove that you have signed such a contract but they do not have a duty to keep them freely available.If they cannot prove that the cancelation dates are as they allege then they cannot prove this.
If you are confident that you didn't sign any such contract then refuse to pay and invite them to sue.
Bear in mind the risk that they may sue though and then they may produce a contract if you are not sure that you did not sign it.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The fact that they say the contracts cannot be accessed, how would they be able to produce one?
Do they not need to provide me with proof that I have signed it before I pay anything?
Because they will be able to access them. Or may have an econtract. No, they don't need to prove it to you. They just need to prove it in court.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
how can they access them when they have stated in writing that they "can't be accessed" I am confused surely can't be accessed means what it says?
No. They will be able to access them. They are probably just saying that they are not prepared to access them just to prove to you that you are liable.There is no point in keeping contracts that can't be accessed.
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