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I am questioning the validity of DVLA'S current sorn and number

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I am questioning the validity of DVLA'S current sorn and number retention rules . I have a vehicle which is rotting away at my dads farm, I would like this number plate(V5 is in my name) I was told that due to its age and not being taxed since 1992, Reg TOD 31X. That the sorn rules don't apply. However, DVLA have point blank refused to let me transfer or retain this number, even after I supplied photos and a heartfelt letter, stating it was the last car my Grandad drove.
Are there any ways I get round this, the car clearly can't be MOT'D,
Many thanks,
Antony Collier
This isn't really a question of law. It is one of the DVLA's policy.This isn't about the need for a number plate or compliance of the vehicle. It is about whether or not they will give you that specific number plate.Therefore, an injunction wouldn't be available as it is not a case where they are acting unlawfully.The only challenge i can think of is to judicially review the decision to refuse on the basis that they are acting in a way that is Wednesbury unreasonable but that is not an action to take lightly. It is very expensive and a high test. I would imagine they will say that they are doing this for procedural reasons rather than that they are doing something that no reasonable authority would do.If you are intent then that is an option for you though.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok, Thank you, ***** ***** wanted some good direction with this before I proceed further,
Many thanks,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry Jo, could you clarify the term Wednesbury unreasonable for me please,
It is named after the case.It basically means showing that they are doing something that no reasonable authority properly directed would do.It is a high test but actually the DVLA quite often do behave like that.