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Restraing order 5 years . either direct or indirectly contact

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restraing order 5 years . either direct or indirectly contact complainants.
Carol Armstrong, Shaun Armstrong ,*****Clipstone NG219DX, Wilkinsons shop REGENT Street Mansfield .
I received a facebook post to myself at 7.45 am today from Dave Pyle , not a friend on my profile, stating Barry ,We know you are back on the scene, bear in mind you have a restraining order for 5 years , we have informed the police about you. Do not contract myself or Carol my partner under any circumstances. you will be in breach of aforesaid order. You are not MR BIG OF EDWINSTOWE , My partner will not be intimidated by you again . If you want I will meet you any time any place anywhere, to sort this out. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw my X WIFE with Pyle in a pub yesterday with 2 witnesses , I recorded everything on to my Body cam until we left , upon receiving this message I lodged a incident with the Police at 8.30am I recieved a call from POLICE at 9.00pm who stated that he has done nothing wrong. I disagreed as X WIFE moved to my village with Pyle. knowing im remarried and living here with my wife.I consulted you last week and after taking your advice I wear a body cam every time I go out.
My X wife made false allegations prior to me being jailed approx. 10 times which resulted in overnighters in cells the appearance then the magistrates to dismiss cases .
I know she will do the same again as she has tried to destroy my life with my wife as she is jealous of my happiness. We both wish to move forward rather than have her lie about me again.
I am aware that any meeting would be by default and breach has occurred. However to me the message is a threat and we are both very worried about false allegations again . Which the POLICE state there is no threat. I wish to safeguard myself from any lies which would result in me being on remand until court date. the POLICE do not take me seriously and say if he assaults me I then have to report it to them . I don't want this to happen and wish to take steps to stop any assault by him on me. I cannot do anything to appeal the restraining order as I am the recipient . I Cannot bear the thought of jail again as we want this matter putting to rest so we can carry a normal life.
HOw can I help with this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
above question
Ok. So what is your question about this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
restraining order
Im sorry but I won't be able to take phone calls until tomorrow afternoon.I could do it then but it is nothing that we couldn't deal with now online.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
what time can you ring me ?
After court tomorrow. I don't know what time I will finish. I have a mention at 2pm but that could be called on much later. Probably between 2- 4pm.Although it would be a good idea to ask a question here to ascertain whether it is something with which I can help
Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
await your call eagerly
OK. If you can send me a reminder when you are available tomorrow I will do it on the way home.
Can you talk now?