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Good evening/morning to you I wonder if you could please

Customer Question

Good evening/morning to you
I wonder if you could please assist me with some advice which is rather difficult.
My partner whom I have known for 2 years and moved in with (in his mother's home as he cares for her daily needs normally) has fallen critical ill and is on life support in hospital. He does not have a good relationship with his siblings but is extremely close to his mother. There have been many problems from what I hear in terms of expectant inheritances from his mother which has come to the fore of late.
1. Before my partner fell ill, I was aware that he was growing cannabis in his shed, although I was never keen on the idea. I too smoke socially but have never been involved in production. Before he was sedated last Friday, he asked me to get rid of it for him. However, I have not been in the position to do so as I came directly to London on the Sunday and was unable to fulfil his wishes since he had family at the house which proved this impossible. I was therefore rather defensive when they asked for the key to his shed (which he specifically told me was 'his shed' and that no-one should have access to.
a) I do not know how to deal with this and obviously concerned to speak to the police in fear of getting him into any trouble. He is still on life-support as I have explained.
b) I am still in London and extremely concerned and unable to confide in his siblings in fear of how they handle the matter. Communication between all his siblings, bar one, makes no contact with me and in fact, I fell out with one of them earlier last week.
2. I live with my partner in his 85-year old mother who is frail and since my partner took ill, I have been made to feel very uncomfortable and do not know what I am getting back to when I arrive home.
a) What is my legal situation in terms of living there now that my partner is hospitalised? Bear in mind that I am not a tenant but was invited to move in by my partner and his mother at the end of October 2015. The sibling(s) who are currently looking after his mother whilst I am in London, have left me with the impression that they do not wish me to speak to their mother which also brings with it it's own problems as I do not know what her wishes are. I am obviously feeling extremely vulnerable and get the distinct feeling that perhaps the siblings might try and a) Blame me for the growing of cannabis and; b) Try and force me to leave my home.
I am in quite a situation and I really do not know who to deal with this nor what my legal rights are as his partner. I know he would not want his siblings to take control of his affairs and his two best friends can vouch for that also. I really am at my wits end.
Not one of his family out of all the siblings (of which there are 5) have bothered to come to London to be by his side, nor offer me moral support. I have simply had short text messages from one of his sisters.
Please, I do not know what to do about a) The grow he has going in his shed and b) What my legal rights are to stay in the home I call home with my partner and how I go about being awarded control over his affairs (which is what he would want).
Your advice would be so appreciated. My mobile number is ***** 742318
Many thanks,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 2 years ago.
Dear ***** Thank you for your message and I am sorry to read the difficulties you are currently facing. I will do my best to help but firstly I have 3 questions to ask before I can answer your question in full. 1. Who owns the property?2. Did you or do you pay rent? If so, how often?3. How is your partner's mental state? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Krystel