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I am the executor of a will which names a charity as

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Hello - I am the executor of a will which names a charity as beneficiary. The address and charity registration number are clearly stated, but with the additional condition that the bequest benefits the branch of the charity local to the deceased person. However, there is no local branch of the named charity, only a local charity doing similar work, but completely independent of the named charity. I'm sure the local charity was the intended recipient, but am not sure who should get the money!
Good evening Thank you for your message, I will do my best to help. The charitable gift essentially must be paid for charitable purposes and to the charity of the testator's choice. The details of which you have. Have you searched for the nearest branch to the deceased? Although it may not be in their specific area, it is still closer. A charity should be referred to by name and not by purpose therefore, paying the named charity in the Will meets this criteria as oppose to a local charity that does similar work. I hope that helps. Kind regards ***** ***** rate my answer so I can be credited for it. Thank you
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