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I have reasonable proof via court transcripts that a significant

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I have reasonable proof via court transcripts that a significant number of Police have conspired to pervert the course of justice within a crown court trial and that the presiding judge has colluded with them by ignoring their perjury. I have complained to the Police but they found virtually nothing wrong as did the IPCC. This is strange as whilst I was out of the courtroom even the Judge in discussion with prosecution counsel before the trial started, is seen in the transcripts as revealing there was a concern as to whether I was fit to be interviewed. The evidence is conclusive that a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice took place. However after two appeal attempts my conviction stands and everyone is protecting the Police from allegations ranging from perjury to serious neglect of a known to be injured person. Help?
Hello what were you charged with?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Applying a hand brake without justifiable cause to do it and that I did it because I was angry
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ps Hello!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The driver had pulled away whilst I was stepping out of the vehicle and in desperation I tried to slow the car down but it clipped the opposite side of the road and turned onto its side. It then ran along the kerb for five or so yards and then turned onto its roof. I had hit the inside of car roof causing a significant outward bulge. I was unable to remember fully what happened but I did admit to the Police I pulled the handbrake on. It was the driver who told me at a later date what happened. The Police prevented me receiving medical attention by the paramedics and they went on to falsify evidence in a most obvious of fashions because they considered it to be a domestic violence matter. I consider it to have been the other way round as a car driving off under such circumstances is quite frightening. The driver was slow in admitting what they had done and this meant all the embellished evidence was in the system and could not be removed. The driver was my wife and she was embarking upon a long period of health difficulties and she had good cause to have them. The Police have refused to ask my wife what happened and I was convicted with the Police Evidence. The Hospital refused to medically check me but signed me as fit to be detained. The case resulted in a Judge allowing the Police to commit perjury in order to mask their falsified evidence. One Policeman retired nearly two years early so he could not be questioned. This is a small part of this case as corrupt cases have huge evidence but no takers.