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Disclosure Documents "the parties must give each other standard

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Disclosure Documents
"the parties must give each other standard disclosure documents by list and category"
I need help with this please? what does it mean?
Good evening The standard disclosure exercise is whereby all parties in a case are to provide the opposing party a list of documents that they have in their possession, that are relevant to the case, that they intend to rely on as evidence and documents that are privileged. Documents that are privileged do not need to be disclosed to the opposing party. These are typically documents with legal advice or that have been created specifically for the case. Essentially, your Solicitor's file with all the correspondence. If you are a party and have been asked to give the other standard disclosure by list and category, you can do this by simply completing a form the Court should have given you. Not to worry, I have attached a copy. If there isn't enough room on the form to list all your documents, type it up on another piece of paper and attach. Once the parties exchange the list, the parties can then look at the opponent's list and request which documents they want to inspect. I hope that helps. Please rate my answer so I can be credited for it. Best of luck,Kind regards Krystel
Just to further assist: On page 3 in the first box, you list all the documents relevant to the case and which you are relying on (as evidence). On page 3 in the second box you add the 'privileged items' and state that you object to inspection because they are privileged.
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