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My mom passed away last year,she left a will which is

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Hello my mom passed away last year,she left a will which is a mirror copy of her partners of 26yrs,could I ask am I within my rights or not to ask to see my mothers financial details, and also could the partner ever change the wishes in the will,as they were not married myself and my brother are next of kin,also am I within my right to ask for a copy of my mothers will,thankyou.
Hi,Thanks for your enquiry, and I am happy to assist you.Only if your Mother and her partner made Mutual Wills would he be prevented from changing his Will at a later date, if he so required.A Mutual Will contains a provision that both parties have agreed to leave mirror Wills and that they agree with each other that the terms of the Will will not be changed. I must say it is quite rare for parties to make Mutual Wills, and I am guessing that they just made mirror Wills, and not Mutual Wills.With a mirror Will which is where both partners make Wills in the same terms one partner can change the terms of their Will at any time, I'm afraid.If of course the Wills are Mutual Wills then the surviving partner cannot change their Will after the death of the partner .If your Mother's partner were to make another Will following a mutual Will you can contest it. However if he were to change a mirror Will you would have hardly any chance of success, unless you were financially dependent upon him in any way.As regards ***** ***** of a Will, only residuary beneficiaries (ones who are to receive a percentage or all of the Estate) are entitled to see a copy. Other beneficiaries who have been left a set amount or specific item are entitled to see only the clause in the Will, which leaves them their respective legacy. No-one else is legally entitled to see the Will.However, if your Mother's Will went to Probate (which is required where someone leaves over £5,000 to £10,000 in their own), the Will becomes a public document, and any person can ask to see a copy by paying a small fee and making an application to York Probate Registry. You may therefore want to follow this up. Here is a link, to assist- hope this clarifies the position. If so, I would be grateful if you could rate my answer, so that I get credit for my answer.Kind RegardsAl
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