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Thank you response. Not sure what you mean by

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Thank you for your response. Not sure what you mean by residuary beneficiaries.
Together with the family, as Partner to the deceased, I have been left a sum of money. Have been informed that there is a shortfall. Up to now the family members have been requesting updates on a daily/weekly basis but nothing lately which makes me think their bequests have been settled. Is that possible?
Hi,Thanks for your reply.A Will sometimes grants a party or parties a sum of money (called a pecuniary legacy) and it then goes on to say that, after payment of these pecuniary legacies, everything else should pass equally between A, B and C, for example (A, B and C are the residuary beneficiaries).So, if you are to receive a pecuniary legacy and the other people who are to receive a pecuniary legacy have been paid, you should also have received payment. If you are a residuary beneficiary, then it would be normal for the pecuniary legacies to be paid out first and the residuary beneficiaries are paid later.Does this make sense?When replying, please reply on this thread, as opposed to opening up a new question.Many thanksKind RegardsAl
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