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I will try and waste as little time as possible: A

Customer Question

I will try and waste as little time as possible:
A friend and I were thinking of trying to set up our
own little business in London (a partnership if you may).
A small studio, just two people to start with but then maybe grow to 5 or 6.
Problem is that said friend is from Japan and requires a visa to be able to
come here and assist me with this.
As you can see, the visa section of all these is complicating things.
Should I attempt to start said business alone and then as an employer offer
for a working visa to partner, and upon arrival re-declare the professional
relationship as a partnership?
Is there a more efficient solution?
Have I gotten this wrong?
I'm fairly new to this sort of issues so I really don't know the best possible approach,
Thank you in advance.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 2 years ago.
Hello,The most ideal visa for your business partner is a tier 1 (entrepreneur) visa which requires your partner to invest a minimum of £50,000 in your proposed business. It may be advisable to trade as a limited company with both you and your partner being equal shareholders and directors of the company. The requirements for the above visa are set out here I would suggest that the business be started first and your friend invest the money before applying for the above visa. I would also advise that they appoint a UK immigration firm to assist with the visa process. Such a firm may be found on a search engine or Law Society website