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I had a pony , the people

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Hi my name is Hannah.
I had a pony for sale, the people came down on the 24 of January to see her, when they arrived the pony was in the stable by itself and the little girl went in and gave her a brush all over, we then tacked her up putting on the saddle and bridle, we walked her down to the sand school where my daughter rode her first and she walked, trot and cantered her on both reins, then the little girl got on and rode her in walk and trot with my daughter walking around with her first, then the little girl was riding around by herself walking and trotting the pony, they liked her very much and the lady took a video to take back to her friend and showed her what she was like. later that evening she agreed to buy her. They came to pick her up on the 25th of January they paid cash and my friend gave them a receipt. They took her back to North Devon and at 10:20pm the lady messaged me to say that the pony travelled back really well and was not stressed out and her little girl gave her a groom and picked out her feet all by her self.
In November a Equine therapist came to my friends yard where the pony was, and the therapist looked at 3 ponies one of which was mine, the therapist said she didn't find anything wrong with my pony, just a little tense, where as my friends pony had a very bad back. When my pony left my friends yard there was nothing wrong with the pony at all.
Now the people who bought my pony have now contacted me saying that the pony is not safe to be ridden by a child, they are now threating me to give them there money back and for me to take the pony back because they are saying that the pony has got a very bad back and other issues. I then contacted them to say to phone the Equine therapist as the therapist said they was no problems with the pony. The people then phoned the therapist, but the therapist gave the information for my friends pony and not mine. If the people asked to have my pony vetted I would of had no problems or hesitations for them to get a vet of there choice to have my pony checked out.
I then asked for a vet report, but a lot of the wording sounded like my friends pony and not mine, and also what was said in the vet report the pony could not of been ridden at any time even when the people came to try the pony. We have even had photos sent back to us of the lady's friends girl riding the pony. They also sent me several messages on how well the pony was doing and how much the loved and liked her. But now all of a sudden the little girl can't go in the stable to do anything with the pony as the people are now saying that the pony is being very naughty.
Please can you help and give me advice on what to do.
Your Sincerely
So, in short, they say that you misrepresented her at the time of sale?How did you describe her at the time of sale?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we described her as a honest genuine pony which I would trust with any child
Ok. How much did they pay?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
they paid £700 cash which my friend gave them a receipt for
Ok. Are you willing to risk being sued?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
why should I be sued for something that I haven't done and the pony left my friends yard in good health. I was also told they would have to prove that the pony wasn't right when she left me. Also I am not dealer so surely buyer beware.
Ok. So are you not prepared to be sued then?If so the only way to avoid that is to pay in full. There is no other way of stamping out the risk completely.If you do that you are entitled to the pony back.Can I clarify anything for you? I'm just off out but I will be back later this evening.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Surely they have got to prove that the pony was not rideable when they came and tried her and ridden her, they even have proof of the pony being ridden by the little girl on video!!!!! why is it also a month after the pony was sold that they now have issues and they are blaming it on me?
Yes, but you said that you were not willing to risk being sued.If that is so then this is the only way to prevent that.
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