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Good morning in 1987 you acted on my succesfully behalf

Customer Question

good morning in 1987 you acted on my succesfully behalf regarding a car accident. My borhther in law received treatment for a non malignant lump on his his throat lung area.From the outset the treatments ha been appaling by his own GP and the 2 hospitals that treated/operated on him, he went in able to walk after his op but a recomendation by the hospital that he shopuld have radio therapy has left him bed bound on oxygen and now backin hospital with lung cancer. The radio therapy treament was excessiive and destroyed his lungs before and after his treatment hgis gp failed him badly the hospitals involved are incompetant uncaring resulting in my brother in law now likely to die from what was a simple non cancerous operation. can you help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 2 years ago.
Good afternoonThank you for your message. I will do my best to help.I am sorry to hear what your brother-in-law is going through. The anxiety and stress of all this must be difficult to comprehend.The ways in which I can help, really depends on the type of redress your brother in law is seeking. If he simply wants an explanation from the GP and hospital, obtaining it in writing is the best way forward. That way, your brother in law knows where he stands and he/you can obtain a second medical opinion on the answer. If the GP or hospital refuse to correspond in writing, your brother in law could warn them that he is left no choice then, but to make a formal complaint to the NHS committee in charge of complaints. Guidance on making complaints are on the official government website; please use the link below Perhaps consider instructing a NHS advocate as recommended in the link. Please note that should your brother decide to take matters further, the Solicitor you decide to instruct will ask you what exactly has been done to resolve matters. So it's a good idea to go through the process I mentioned above, that way your brother in law is armed with all the information the Solicitor needs to advise on the chances of success should a claim proceed. It's very likely that the Solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert (especially where the information given by the NHS body is sparse) to give a second opinion on the facts before advising you on the chances of success. I would suggest whilst your brother in law decides what to do, you could help him by keeping details of conversations (date, time and name of consultant etc), letters and basically anything related to this matter. As you probably know from experience (the car accident), these sort of matters involve voluminous paperwork so remaining organised is key. I hope that helps.If there is anything you require further clarity on, please let me know. Best of luck, Kind regards Krystel *Please rate my answer so I can be credited for it.