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I gave my dog to adoption a week ago and I regret, anything

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Hi, I gave my dog to adoption a week ago and I regret, anything I can do to cancel it and got my dog back? I know it sounds strange but my situation changed (cancer all clear and change from full-time to part-time job) and I want my dog back, I asked the rehoming charity which I gave my dog to and they refused further help saying that it is too late, another person is now the legal pet owner and they can not do anything. The person who adopted my dog promised me before adoption to be in touch and that I can call and visit them anytime to ask about my dog, but after adoption said she does not want my calls nor visits at all. I am very upset. If I knew that I will not be in touch as promised I would never gave my dog to this adoption. This promise was unfortunately said, not written, so I can't proof it has been promised. Please advise. I am depressed. Thank you.
I presume you didn't agree any cancellation rights?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had no idea that I can have any cancellation rights, nobody told me about it.I asked-please I want to be in touch and also if my dog will not settle for any reason, I would like to have him back.They said yes.All I signed was document giving my dog to the rescue charity.I did not see any adoption documents of the new owner.
That is not good news I'm fraud. Unfortunately you do not have a claim. However much our dogs mean to us they are property like any other item. If you handed your dog for adoption then unfortunately you cannot recover him as you have legally abandoned him and he has been adopted by another. Cancellation rights do not generally apply to this type of contract as rescues need to have certainty. I'm very sorry and I know that this is hard but it doesn't change your position. Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's very sad news for me.Due to my after cancer tiredness and full time work I decide to give my lovely pet better life.Now I'm cancer free and can go to part time and look after Major but it was just 6 days too late.I will never forgive myself that I did not do like written agreement that they promised me to call or visit, but after adoption changed their mind straight away.Me being naive?I understand that I should not annoy or confuse my dog by my visits but he is 5,5 years old and he stayed already with friends or in hotel when I gone abroad for a week and all was fine.But just 6 days after adoption they did not want me to call,see him nor give him back.I'm devastated.Can I do anything about broken promises?That's not fair!!!
Not in this circumstances I'm afraid. It isn't a promise that is at the heart of the contract. I'm very sorry as I know how important dogs are.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.I'm dying to see him,even my daughter is devastated when I told her that he new owner changed his mind and don't want us to visit.That was a condition I agreed to give him!I would never give him if I knew they won'keep the promise.So I assume it is not a good idea just to knock the new owner door asking about Major because she can call a police?
She could do that although the police are unlikely to act as they will say it is a civil matter
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