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I took out a mobile phone contract girlfriend with

Customer Question

I took out a mobile phone contract for a girlfriend with O2. She had my O2 website and telephone password ***** she paid the monthly bill via these and not by direct debit. After we split up, i contacted O2 to request a restriction on the phone allowing only the allowances included in the plan. I was told this could not be done. I couldn't afford to cancel and pay the contract up and up to this point she had made all required payments. My only option was to keep the trust and let her pay the remainder of the contact.
Approximately 10 months later i received a letter from O2 saying I was £400 in debt on this number. After further investigation, it turns out she had done an upgrade online and agreed a new contract, all without my knowledge. It also turns out because she had made small payments, they let the debt rise to this amount.
I spoke to O2 at the time and explained the situation and was told they would look in to it and let me know.
I have not heard anything for a few year and then receive a letter from Lowell solicitors threatening CCJ.
I never received emails, phone calls or txts regarding the upgrade and new contract or completed any payment method. This must have all been put into her name and address ????
All previous payments towards this number had been made from her account, not mine.
I never even got the phone.
I have had an O2 contract for maybe 10 years with no problems and still have phone and ipad contracts, both with credit agreements.
I dont want to have to pay what is now £566 or get a CCJ.
Please advise ??
Many regards
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello Andrew my name is ***** ***** I will help you.Have you been to the Ombudsman at all or through O2 formal complaints please?Alex