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Court papers were delivered to my son's address at 6pm regarding

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Court papers were delivered to my son's address at 6pm regarding a family matter which concerns his son. I have 2 questions This papers were given to my son and not my grandson to whom they refer. As he is unable to reach any solicitor at this time of night what can he do so as not to be held in contemp.
Hi, thanks for your question. Is your son named as the respondent? Is he the main carer of the child? When is the hearing listed for?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My grandson is the respondent. No he has 50/50 custody. Tomorrow morning at 10 30
Thanks. He will still need to attend court and he can represent himself, or if he attends early some courts have a duty solicitor who can represent them on the day free of charge. He should explain to the judge that he has only received the papers this evening and to seek an adjournment of the matter. What is the application for?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
His ex partner says he continually assaulted her on 14/2/15 and last Sunday when he returned his daughter the child would not go to his ex partners mother because she started crying and because the mother of the child was out my grandson brought his daughter home. This young woman is trying to make out that he continually assaulted her
Thank you. I would suggest that he follows what I have said above, and the court is likely to agree that he should be obtaining legal advice given the potential complexities of the case. He should also request that he puts in a statement in response to the application. If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating as I will not be credited with answering your question without one. Thank you
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