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Good Evening, I would like to know you could assist me

Customer Question

Good Evening,
I would like to know you could assist me in a dispute against an international shipping company that has representation in the UK, and has caused the loss of an antique cane that is mine, and after a long chain of events that began in February 2015 with it's shipping to the US, then it was seized by the authorities there due to technicality that was not my fault, and not created by me, and ended up in it being shipped back to the UK, seized by the UKBF in Heathrow, and subsequently released by them to me after a long process of review and me paying a fine to have it released, only to be shipped back to the US by that shipping company without any authorization, and by what they said was an error, and now they refuse to acknowledge responsibility or compensate me for the loss of my cane.
That company had behaved dishonestly with me from the start, and i never chose them to carry my cane, it was chosen by a third party, when it was shipped back to the UK in August 2015.
If you think you could assist me with that, then i would be happy to hear from you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
HiThank you for your questionMy name is***** shall do my best to help you but I need some further information firstHow did your cane come to start this journey?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I sent for an evaluation there, using an English parcel delivery company, that didn't specify that Ivory as a prohibited item ( the cane handle is a small fragment of ivory ) on their list, which i checked before i sent it.
The cane belonged to my grandmother's father, and was passed to me after her death.
Upon arrival to the US it was first held by the FWS there for 3 weeks, during which i sent them directly ( because the english parcel delivery company didn't help me at all with this ) certificates, showing that it is over a 100 years old, and therefore it is exempt from the CITES permit that they required, but the declined my requests, saying that it was supposed to come into the US already with that permit, and didn't care that it was not my fault that it wasn't issued, and didn't offer me an opportunity to issue one at that point.
The only options that they offered me was to forfeit it, or to pay them 186$ plus tax to have it sent back to the UK, plus the English parcel delivery company would charge me another 101£ for that ( even though it was their fault to begin with, as i declared the cane had Ivory in it from the start ).
I refused to pay that, so it was seized by the FWS about 3 weeks after arrival to the US.The story will get a few more bizarre twists after that as well, but i would elaborate on that as well, i will be happy to hear from you.ThanksDan