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I need some urgent advice but i am fearing the worst.

Customer Question

I need some urgent advice but i am fearing the worst. My Fiance,myself and our 3 year old daughter moved into a lovely bungalow last year, since moving in we have been experiencing problems with damp and mould in the walls and the ceiling. The landlord sent out a roofer a few couple of months back who fitted air vents into the roof to let out some of the condensation. previous to this we have been asking since we moved in if he would fit some roof insulation as there is none at present but all of my attempts to contact the estate agents and landlord were ignored.
Since the roof being fitted with these air vents we now have mould that is growing along the wall in our master bedroom and within the built in wardrobes. Other things have escalated within the property such as the front door won't lock properly anymore, the sealing on the oven door is broken which is causing problems with trying to cook meals, there are cracks around the skirting of the bath where is there is drafts coming from, there are also drafts coming through some of the windows, the front door and our heating bills have now become more than we can bear but i need a suitable home for my daughter to live in and I am also 21 weeks pregnant and due in July. I have contacted the landlord through the agents 4-5 times since the 28th January but still I have received no work from them about the repairs on the house, my final email to them on the 25th February gave them until 1st March to contact me regarding an action plan for getting these repairs sorted or a resolution. I still heard nothing. Both me and my daughter have been suffering with chest infections, i was signed off for two weeks with two different prescriptions of antibiotics to help get me back to health and my daughter was prescribed an inhaler for asthmatics to help her breathe more easily. I also told the agents of this as well in the hope it would escalate our concern of this property and the fear as a mother that it was having a health impact on my daughter.
Today 2nd March 2016 we have received an eviction letter from the agents giving us two months to move out under section 21 of the tenancy agreement. They want us to leave in May and I am due to give birth in July.
I am already suffering depression through my pregnancy and have been ill with stress and this isn't helping me right now. I feel we are being revengefully evicted for asking for repairs done however our contract is due for renewal the 31st of March and i really don't know what or where I am supposed to go with my two babies.
Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.
Thank you
Kindest regards
Georgina Vyvyan
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.I am sorry to hear of your problems. First when did you move into the property and how long was the contract for?Alex