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I am very concerned about my nephew. He is 36 years old and

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I am very concerned about my nephew. He is 36 years old and has an on- going mental health problem. Unfortunately he has never been diagnosed by anyone due to the fact that he has never admitted to having a problem and refuses to be taken to see his doctor. For the past 10-12 years he had been living with his grandmother at her home in New Southgate, London. Communication with David was always sparse, even his mother (he may just acknowledge you with ‘’Hello’’ or ‘’OK’’). He spends the day just wandering around the local area. He has been spotted out in the cold and rain with just a T shirt, looking rather dishevelled. He always goes back home at night. Although he is aged 36 he behaves like a child. Since then he has got progressively worse. His mother has tried several times with social services but is unable to get help because they say they need to see him. That is our problem. David will not converse speak to anyone. Communication is non -existent as he just locks himself in his room. We have had a look into his room and there are high piles of rubbish such as empty soft drink cans and bottles, and dirty clothes everywhere .The is also money scattered all over the room some of it is ripped .
Sadly his grandmother passed away at the end of November and her property needs to be sold in accordance with my mother's will. The house is also in some dis-repair as my mother had been living with family for the past two years. David has been living alone in her house since then. His mother pops in from time to time to try and see him but has been unable to make him understand that he needs help as he cannot make decisions affecting all aspects of his life . His grandmother and his mother used to leave him some money for food. He manages to use the microwave to heat food. We have now reached a crisis point. He a very vulnerable man (self neglect, personal hygiene unable to look after his health or finances) with no one able to help him.
Social Services require evidence from the doctor which we cannot obtain. David’s mother arranged for their GP to visit the house and speak to him but David left the house before the visit and did not return for many hours and now is out of the hose all day. The doctor said that he will not visit again and David refuses to be taken to see the GP.
Please let me have your advice on how to receive help and support for David
Since his grandmother has died and David is staying on his own, from your narrative, it sounds to me that the family may have to see a solicitor with a view to making an application to the Court of Protection to have someone appointed to supervise his care. That would then mean that the various agencies would be asked to get involvedsomas to make the decisions that are in David's best interests. You can go to this link to find out the details of what is required: Happy to discuss further. Don't forget to leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** give me a rough idea on the cost (solicitor & court fees ) please?
Legal aid may be available. Follow this link for more information:
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